Thursday, June 4, 2015

Milestone Missed...

Life continues on for us all but more for those who haven't lost a child.  In my world, there is a definitely a stop point; a moment where the world ceased to continue to turn. Of course, its when Harrison died.  His life stopped and so did all that involves him.  The celebrations, loves, disappointments, accomplishments, heartaches...all of it. 

Don't misunderstand, my world and the world of my remaining children continue, but it is possible for that one part of it to stop.  It seems empty and cold in that part of my heart and soul.  All the lost moments which will never take place.  I grasp for the hopes he didn't miss out on much.

I'm rambling on.  Today is the day Harrison would be graduating high school. Class of 2015.  Fellow classmates he went to school with since Kindergarten will walk on that stage and receive a diploma, reach that milestone in life.  Parents will smile and cry with pride and joy.  There will be kids hugging, smiling and crying after as they reality of the end of high school hits them while wearing their caps and gowns. 

A cap and gown Harrison will never have come to wear. A sense of accomplishment he will never feel. Another milestone he will not reach. 

A parent marks their children's lives with these milestones; a parent who has buried marks their death with these milestones missed.  This is the way it will play out for today.  I am honored to attend the graduation of Royal High Class of 2015 and watch those classmates graduate.  I am strong enough to be there and see it done.  I am able to live through it even with a broken heart!