Friday, September 4, 2015

Alone Time

Being a mother of 4, there is rarely time alone with one child.  Yes, there are some moments such as doctor appointments or occasional trip for shoes. But true quality alone time...rare for us. 

I love the way my kids crave alone time with me. My heart smiles when they finally get some time and talk my ear off. Of course, the boys got less time as they became older. 

Right now I am realizing all the alone time I should have been sharing with Harrison in the last few months. I feel the pain of missing out.  It feels unfair. Out of the four, he was the least demanding of my time, knowing the others needed me more.  He craved time with me as well, but was not selfish with my time.  But was this supposed to be when it all was made up to him? All that missed time returned to us?

I feel him here with me all the time. I believe in angels and spirits. I know I'm alone with him right now.  That this is our time and the only alone time I will have with him.  I wish I could hear him talk my ear off, complain about something, teach me some military fact...anything! I need only a couple of moments alone with him...

Treasure those alone moments. Make the time for those moments.